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7 Content Writing Strategies to Boost Your Organic Traffic

CONTENT WRITING SERVICES7 Content Writing Strategies to Boost Your Organic Traffic

With digital marketing making its way up the ladder, content writing is one of its aspects that has the power to bring traffic to a website. When you write engaging content with the help of content writing tips that the reader relates to, you have engagement that later turns into conversion in the form of purchases, downloads, or even subscriptions. So it isn’t just about words but how you put it out for the readers. If it is engaging, you are lucky. If not, you need to try a bit harder.

Here are seven essential strategies on how to increase website traffic organically and generate significant profits for your business.

1. The Target Audience Should Relate To The Tone

The tone should be relatable, whether you are formal, friendly, or sarcastic. Multiple strategists do not focus on the style and instead follow SEO tricks by adding keywords that don’t frame the sentence well. As a result, the tone starts to look robotic. A constructive tip is to imagine the situation and talk about it. Then, write it in the same tone and watch how it connects to the audience. It seems like someone is talking to you, and that’s how it gets engaging.

Use relatable language and not something that one has to refer to the dictionary to know the meaning. Even though you are knowledgeable, avoid showing it. Instead, show that you intend to convey the information to a friend. Most expert content writing tips state that people read blogs and articles to solve problems and not improve their vocabulary or skills. Therefore, be direct yet friendly with the tone.

2. Address The Content To The Reader

Please take it as an example where you are reading a blog and the writer has addressed multiple people, not you. Will you find that relatable? NO! Similarly, when you write content, always refer to the reader as a single person. The reader should get that connection with what they are reading as though you are speaking to them directly.

You are a stranger to the reader; they will connect and find interest in your organisation through the way you connect to them. For example, they will automatically want to know more when they relate to what you have written and receive a personal touch.

3. Incorporate Visuals

Simply reading along a piece of content gets boring, no matter how smooth your language is. When you are looking for answers to how to increase website traffic organically, adding visuals in between, whether it could be business, product, or even graphs and bars talking about a survey or research, makes things better. This diverts the mind from the content while making the reader see visuals and treat their eyes. They learn about something different and relate the visuals to your content.

You can also get help from a graphic designer and an expert with website content writing services to help you with infographics. That gives out a lot of information without you having to describe them in words.

4. Make Use Of Multiple Platforms

Simply writing content and posting it doesn’t end your role. You can always use multiple social media platforms for marketing your content. You can post it through your website as a blog, put them up on social media for people to see and read, ask an influencer to help you out, opt for guest blogging, launch a podcast, or post ad campaigns.

All of these are tried and tested ways how to increase website traffic organically. People will know about your existence from multiple platforms, which is how your website receives traffic. Moreover, things get better when you have engaging content to post. People are enthusiastic to know more; that is how you receive traffic.

5. Write About Trending Topics

how to increase website traffic organically

When a topic trends, the Internet witnesses many people searching for it. You can ask for help from an expert with content writing strategies who can assist you with the trending topic. For example, you deal with baby clothing, and there is a rumour about using BPA plastic feeding bottles.

Why not talk about the scandal and provide more information about it? This way, you are writing about your products while discussing something similar. Parents will want to read about it, and that is how they will learn about your business. Try adding in quoted news and truthful information. This way, people will be engaged in what you have written and want to explore more about the business.

6. Create The Content For Featured Snippets

content writing strategies

Do you know what featured snippets are? Have you ever searched for something in Google like content writing tips and received answers in bullet points, which are later enlarged when clicked? That is what you need to do for your content. While you have a smooth and friendly tone to connect to the reader, make sure you add many bullet points while writing.

This means that Google will automatically want to capture your content for people to read. As a result, you have received organic traffic and are often ranked 1st in Google. An expert with content writing strategies may help you structure the content, which is how you receive attention for your business. 

7. Try Guest Posting

Before anything else, look out for websites that allow guest posting and only create content for you to post. This way, you organically spread the word about your content and gain readers’ attention. When they find your content on a different website, they will likely gain interest in what you want to convey. When the tone and the words seem attractive, you receive organic traffic.


While these are strategies you can use, you cannot expect to see your website on the first page within days of publishing your content. It takes months of continuous effort to ensure that your website ranks first and that too organically. You can always get help from experts such as Content Euphoria who are experts with SEO content writing services and in helping out with suggestions and evenings helping you with good quality content. Of course, paid posts to have a higher chance, but if you stick to these strategies and follow them well, you never know if Lady Luck answering your prayers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is SEO content writing?

SEO or search engine optimization writing (also known as “writing for SEO”) is the process of drafting content with the implementation of keywords and key phrases. It involves planning, creating and optimizing content with the goal of ranking higher in the SERPs. 

SEO content writing helps improve your content’s visibility to potential readers when they search for specific topics, products or services on search engines like Google or Bing. This is achieved by researching relevant keywords and creating highly optimized content that answers the user’s intent.

2. How Content Writing Strategies help to Boost Organic Traffic?

If your intention is to boost organic traffic, drafting good content writing strategies will help you get started on the right foot.

Content writing strategies will help you understand your target audience; find out the questions they are seeking answers for; analyze the information gap; tap into the relevant keywords your audience is searching for, and then create content (strategically tailoring the keywords) that answers their question perfectly and also help your content rank higher in the search results – which brings in organic traffic. A robust content writing strategy gives you an edge over your competitors.

Remember churning out more content won’t help increase your organic traffic. The trick is to create quality content that meets your user’s intent – and content writing strategy is the way to get there.

3. What is the most popular type of content?

The most popular type of content in 2023 would be blogs, ebooks and video content.

4. What content gets the most views?

Engaging, entertaining and problem-solving content gets the most views. 

5. What skills does a content writer have?

A content writer is a multi-talented individual with flowing creativity and versatility. Along with the basic skills of creating content, professional content writers possess the following attributes:

  • Strong research skills.
  • Adaptability of different writing styles
  • Excellent grammar and vocabulary 
  • Good understanding of SEO and content strategy
  • Time management
  • Organization skills
  • Communication skills
  • Understanding brand voice 
  • Editing skills.   

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