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Top 10 Tips for Writing SEO-friendly Blogs- A Step-by-Step Process by Experts

BLOG CONTENT WRITINGTop 10 Tips for Writing SEO-friendly Blogs- A Step-by-Step Process by Experts

Building a digital brand presence demands multiple considerations, including creating user-engaging blogs. An optimized blog post with exciting and pertinent content is more likely to appear in the top searches. In contrast to non-optimized material, you would draw many readers to open the link and spend some time reading the blog.

Contrary to what many people believe, the procedure is not complicated. There are a few easy measures to take to ensure how to make a blog SEO-friendly.

Even if they are simple to alter, ranking factors including the post’s title, blog’s structure, text style, headers, and paragraphs are crucial. In this step-by-step guide, we have mentioned some of the most vital blog writing tips to ensure how to write SEO-friendly blog posts.

How to make a Blog SEO-friendly?

Optimizing your blog entries for SEO allows you to increase search engine traffic to your website continuously. Here is our checklist for some of the most helpful blog writing tips to help optimize your blogs.

  • Think Before Writing

Consider your content’s message carefully before you begin. Before writing down the sudden burst of ideas that just come to you, give it at least ten thorough thinking. You’ll save time and work by doing this later in the writing process.

As you prepare to begin writing your blog post, thoroughly respond to the questions below. You may develop your content flow by using the following:

  • What subjects will interest readers?
  • What is the overall purpose of this blog post? Do I want better rankings or more visitors to my website?
  • How will my readers profit from the newest blog post?

It will be simpler to follow the subsequent steps after answering these questions.

  • Define The Structure Of Your Blog

To clarify your doubts on how to write a good blog, you need to define the structure of your blog to enhance its readability. You may write a blog article more easily if it is divided into several sections. Instead of attempting to write more extended parts, it is quicker and more effective to write 200 words to handle a single aspect of the topic. 

A blog post should typically comprise an introduction, body, and conclusion. The primary section can then be divided into many components. You may also consult Content Euphoria‘s blog for information on how to write SEO-friendly articles.

  • Use Headings Appropriately

In addition to providing context for your blog post, headings are crucial from the perspective of how to write an SEO-friendly article since they enable Google to focus on the critical points of your blog post and rank it appropriately.

Your blog post’s subheadings make it simple for users to browse the material. Although it is recommended to incorporate keywords in your subheadings, doing so across the board will make the content seem forced.


You can also go through the blog posts on our website to get a clear understanding of these blog writing tips. Moreover, we also provide content writing services, so if your blog stands out, we are here for you.

  • Short And Effective Paragraphs

Everyone employs paragraphs to give their blog a framework since they serve as the blog’s body. However, how you divide paragraphs sets an exceptional blog apart from a bad one. The general rule is to avoid using lengthy paragraphs because most readers prefer reading on their mobile devices and find it challenging to skim through text when paragraphs are long.


As a result, it is preferable to restrict paragraphs to 3 to 4 sentences in length. Additionally, you can choose to write your blogs yourself or hire a good content writing company such as Content Euphoria. This shall help you understand how to make a blog SEO-friendly.

  • Do Keyword Research

Doing keyword research is one of the best blog writing tips employed by content authors and SEO professionals. It helps you determine the topics your users are interested in based on search engine data.

Once you have your content strategy planned, you may employ these keywords. This will guarantee that you write about subjects that readers are genuinely interested in, and it’s a terrific approach to developing a loyal readership.

  • Adding Links To Your Content

The legitimacy and effectiveness of the text are both increased by the addition of hyperlinks. However, only include internal links when necessary. Only then should you include hyperlinks if you must connect to a verifiable publication, item, or previously published blog pertinent to the blog you are writing.

One of the best blog writing tips for SEO optimization is the use of internal links. It aids search engines in discovering online pages via your blog.

  • Add A Meta Description

A meta description gives search engines and other crawlers a summary of your blog. It is an HTML meta tag that you may add to any page. 

You can reveal more information about a blog through a strong meta description. The meta description has a character maximum of 155. When your content is shared on such platforms, it is also displayed on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

  • Write Catchy Titles

Your blog post’s title is crucial for search engine results. It will be more influential to the search query if it has a catchy title. It encourages visitors to click on your post when they find it in the search results, which is more crucial.

SEO places a high value on your organic click-through rate. The greatest method is to examine quality websites that discuss how to write SEO-friendly articles.

  • Use Transition Words

Wondering how to write good blogs? Use transition words. It lets readers skim your content and determine how sentences and paragraphs relate to each other. You may improve the readability of your material by using transition words. 

Transition words improve your workflow and help readers understand how sentences and paragraphs relate to one another. Thus, transitional words are crucial for giving your content structure.

  •  Proofreading Before Posting

Before publishing your blog, take the time to proofread it. Check the text for errors in grammar and spelling by reading it aloud to yourself. There are not enough words to express how important it is to proofread your blog several times.

Additionally, getting others to read your blog is just as important as getting them to read it. Please add any recommendations they may have if they think it makes sense. Your blog is prepared to go live after all of this is finished!


Blogs optimized for SEO have a better possibility of bringing in visitors, which can help you establish your brand. Additionally, it raises your search engine ranking and increases your online exposure, which increases the probability of users clicking through to your site and making a purchase.

The blog writing tips listed above are practical and easy to execute. The best alternative is to work with a reputable content writing in Mumbai like Content Euphoria. We have the best in the business to draw attention to you and your company.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are SEO writing examples?

SEO writings are of different types. Especially now in this digital age, where businesses are competing to rank higher on search engines like Google – to do so, each copy of content must have a rich SEO score and be optimised based on the same. Without SEO, your content won’t be discoverable or visible to your audience. SEO writing majorly comprises SEO blogs. SEO-optimised websites, social media SEO writing, industry-specific SEO posts, and Data-led SEO content, to name a few. 

Why is SEO important in Blog Writing?

Without SEO, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing won’t be able to crawl your content. Search Engine Optimisation for blog writing  involves various factors and technicalities. From detailed keyword research and content strategy, when anyone browses any information over the internet, SEO comes into play and works as a catalyst. Hence, resulting in boosted discoverability of your blogs across the targeted niche audience. Moreover, best SEO blog practices provide a massive edge over competitors. Hence, the importance of SEO in Blog Content Writing is of prime significance.

What is SEO content?

Any content that involves proper keyword planning, content strategy and content curation based on SEO strategies to improve and impact SERP results is considered SEO content.

Is SEO and copywriting the same?

Generally, SEO and copywriting are slightly different from each other.
SEO content is planned using various SEO guidelines created to educate users, increase visibility and impact SERP results. In comparison, the purpose of copywriting is to convert customers or targeted audiences into potential leads with catchy and compelling content creation.

What are different kinds of SEO content?

1. Short-form content
2. Long-form content
3. Evergreen content
4. Blog\Article content
5. Social media content
6. Social media content
7. Holistic content
8. Data led content
9. Technical Content

How does SEO work in content writing?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, works in conjunction with content writing. For every piece of content, SEO is the radar which helps the content to perform better in SERP results.  Hence, boosts traffic and brings a niche targeted audience towards your content. 

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