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Has it ever occurred to you that despite having the ideal skill set and desired education level, the prospect of landing a decent job gives you the shivers? Even the most exciting and intriguing collection of abilities and academic results can fall flat if presented inadequately. Writing a Resume/CV is an essential element of anyone’s life. Resume writing is a path that everyone must travel; some walk it alone, while others seek the assistance of a guide. When you do not tailor your Resume to the demands of the position, the hiring manager will not see a link between your experience and their needs. Here comes the role of professional resume writing services, which you will find in detail in this well-researched article.

Why Resume Writing Experts are Needed!

With today’s digitalization, it becomes critical to engage an expert to nail that task when the software determines your future. Cover letters, graphical CVs, LinkedIn profiles, and career portfolios are just a few of the services offered by resume writing firms. The most excellent resume writing services give you an advantage over your competition and serve as a springboard for you to ace that job interview.

Our team of specialists conducted an extensive study on several such firms across India. Our field experts based the survey on a number of characteristics such as response time, delivery time, content quality, ATS friendly, price bundles, customer service, and content diversity. As a result, companies now recognize the value of establishing credibility with their clients by offering comprehensive service packages. 

Aim of this Blog

This post was created to assist you in selecting the top resume writing services accessible. Because no matter how good the book is, the first thing you notice is the cover! After examining a dozen companies that provide comparable benefits and speaking with a slew of recruiters and hiring managers to figure out what makes a CV stand out, we curated a list of our top 10 picks on the Top Resume Writing Services in India.

But before we dive into figuring out the best firm, you might ask why we need to outsource a resume writer? The answer is pretty basic; you made your product; you need to hire an advertiser to market it appropriately.

Why is Resume writing important?

 A resume is essentially an advertisement for a potential employer. They would not have the time or energy to examine and assess all of the resumes they get. This emphasizes the need to develop a strong CV. You cannot just list your qualities and accomplishments; they must be exceptional. Your resume should reflect both your professionalism and your visual attractiveness. Professional editors work with you, gathering input along the process to create the most opulent version of you.

These firms share your desire to hit new heights and act as a link between your hard work and success. You cannot just post your qualifications and wait for phone calls. The resume should be well-structured and visually appealing. Today, when the economy is turbulent, and jobs are scarce, you cannot afford to take your resumes lightly. It serves as a marketing instrument for your boss. A resume writer is required since he knows the recruiter’s standards while satisfying the candidate’s wants. 

Your CV should represent your professionalism and devotion.

What are the top listed resume writing services in India?

Our team of researchers and analysts went out and explored the market. After thorough research, they curated this list of highly talented firms that have carved themselves a name in the market. Among the various firms we approached, the following ten firms left an impression on us. But Content Euphoria made the home stretch and stole the deal. Here is a formulation of our top choices. (in no particular order)

1. Best Overall: Content Euphoria

Content Euphoria is a premium content writing firm founded by Mr. SunDeep Mehra to enhance lives and nurture the growth of individuals and organizations, enabling that perfect jump amongst the intense turmoil of competition. This content writing agency has established its value in the sector repeatedly. The company’s reputation for itself in only a few years is impressive. 

With over 200 premium Content Writing Services and 300+ Academic Writing Services to offer, the organization continues to establish standards for the quality of work it curates. They collaborate with their clientele, prioritizing their wants and requirements. It includes everything you might want in a resume writing service and much more. It has a staff of incredibly qualified and experienced writers that attend frequent training sessions to stay current with industry trends and technology.

Who is SunDeep Mehra?

Being an Acoustic Storyteller, an Engineer, MMA Player, and a creative Classical Artist, Mr. SunDeep Mehra is recognized as the Number One Content Writer in India. He has a massive reputation among Indian and global youth. He is also considered the Best SOP Writer in the World. Moreover, he understands how tough and stressful it might be to find work and wanted to assist prospective applicants in their quest. With years of expertise under his cap, he personally proofreads the job before giving the go-ahead; this personal touch was what we loved the most about this firm.

Recruiters nowadays utilize Applicant tracking software to narrow their CV selection, saving them the time and work of reading each Resume. Content euphoria writers back up their content with ATS-friendly keywords. The odds of finding a job rise significantly when you use targeted keyword-backed resumes. They construct custom templates for each Resume they write, taking into account the unique requirements of each employment. 

Inside Content Euphoria!

The staff at Content Euphoria is diversified, with seasoned authors, competent consultants, engineers, market analysts, and specialists of various sorts. Hire them to create your job profiles, and you can be confident that you’ll be getting the most excellent recruits on the market. In addition, they promise that appointment letters will flood your inbox!

Content Euphoria Resume

Even with the necessary skillset and educational level, candidates struggle to land employment due to poorly constructed CVs or a lack of keyword utilization. It is preposterous that individuals are out of work as a result of AI-based software. Even the most well-written and well-formatted resumes are rejected due to a lack of keywords.

Content Euphoria Resume writing service also offers CV review and editing services and adds the appropriate keywords to open up many work chances for you. We picked Content Euphoria as our best overall option for resume writing since the firm delivered high-quality, customer-oriented resumes when we tested the service. In addition, they provide Affordable Resume Writing Services at prices that make your pockets smile too.

When you complete the form, they will send you an information sheet, put down the best time to reach you, and you will receive a call from their staff. Content Euphoria delivers high-quality resumes on time, which is noteworthy. Their team treats you as a friend and assists you with everything they offer to find your dream job!

2. Affordable Resume Writing Services: Write Right

Mr. Bhavik Sarkedi created it in 2012. In terms of content, this company never disappoints. It was named one of the most acceptable content writing businesses globally by Good Firms and Clutch, which makes us want to put even more faith in this company! They have a diverse group of professionals from many fields. These specialists collaborate to design your CV, customizing it to your preferences. In addition, they take pleasure in producing the most persuasive resumes that are guaranteed to land you a job.

Write Right emphasizes its clients and offers a one-on-one session before writing the first draft to understand their needs better. All of this at unbeatable pricing! Resume Writing Cost India is commonly thought to be costlier, but when you walk down into the market to book such services, they prove worth every penny you invest. 

They realize how clients are hesitant to spend money on an outsourced CV writer before applying for a job. First, people are apprehensive because they are uncertain about getting an appointment. Clients are concerned about the additional financial load that an outsourced CV may impose. Write Right Resume understands your fears and creates economical yet high-quality resumes. Don’t worry; low prices do not imply poor quality!


3. Best follow-up guarantee: Avon Resumes

Avon Resumes specializes in assisting job seekers in getting noticed, landing interviews, and getting paid what they are worth! Contact Avon resumes if you want to boost your internet presence, be introduced to top recruiters, and have a high-converting resume to land your ideal job. With an expert team of writers, they take pride in providing their customers with exceptional services.

Avon Resumes has offices throughout India as well as three overseas locations. They’ve been in business for more than 19 years. What sets Avon Resumes apart is their follow-up guarantee; they provide their customers unlimited alterations and a free cover letter. Even after you’ve received your final edit, they claim to be just a tap away from the millionth revision. If you live overseas and are looking for Resume Writing Services Near You, Avon Resumes provides international as well as national resume writing services. While the material and formatting were excellent, we felt that the design had some room for improvement. 

Avon Resume is your knight in shining armor who will sweep you off your feet, whether it’s a LinkedIn profile, cover letter, defense resume, or executive resume. Avon Resume writers are skilled in writing a wide range of CVs and cover letters. In addition, their professionals generate flawlessly crafted resumes that are concise and focus on minor elements. Avon resume helps your resumes stand out and increases your chances of being chosen.

4. Best round the clock availability: Find My Profession

Find My Profession is a high-end career services business formed in 2015. This worldwide writing agency has appeared on Forbes, Inc., Zety, Fast Company, and others. Find My Profession has numerous 5-star ratings and a 60-day interview guarantee. Every ResumeResume they design is Applicant Tracking System (ATS) compliant and carefully tailored to your requirements. You will personally work with a professional resume writer. Find My Profession India pledges to work with each customer until they are completely happy. So don’t be concerned about having a fixed number of edits or time with your writer.

Because this organization is entirely a career-based platform, they have a plethora of experienced writers that have been hand-picked for the position. If you don’t get any more interviews after utilizing their resume writing service, they offer to edit your ResumeResume one more time for free. We were blown away by their customer care; if you are dissatisfied with the service they provide, phone them, and they will supply you with a new version to meet your requirements.

Their team of experts contacts you to understand your job needs, and then they tailor your resume as per your desires. It’s like wearing a perfectly fit suit designed as per your expectations. 

5. Resume Analysis: Resume Master

Resume Master has been in business for over nine years and has carved itself a name in the niche. With offices in Coimbatore and Tamil Nadu, they have a close-knit team of experienced and gifted writers. 

Resume Master not just builds your ResumeResume but also guides you in real-time on how to apply for the most suited jobs. With multiple price ranges starting at just Rs. 499, this firm helps you create your resume without creating a hole in your pocket, making it one of the Affordable Resume Writing Services. 

What swooned us about this company was its resume analysis service. They review your already curated resumes and help you fill the gaps or build one from scratch. The delivery time ranges from 24 hours to 3-5 days based on your chosen plan.

They offer ATS-compliant resumes and have scrapped graphic resumes from their service list. However, the writers at Master are well versed with this software and take extra care to incorporate suitable keywords in your resume. So if you are looking for a visually appealing resume, this wouldn’t be the right fit for you. 


6. Good customer support: Estorytellers

This firm is the result of a collaboration of ability and expertise. They are a subsidiary of Write Right and carry on the former’s tradition. Estorytellers’ team of specialists has a wealth of knowledge. 

They can examine and emphasize the applicant’s domain and talents to the recruiter. They curate resumes that are appropriately formatted and ensure success.  Because this organization is entirely a career-based platform, they have a plethora of experienced writers that have been hand-picked for the position.

Estorytellers understand an applicant’s anxiety when he needs a resume created. Keeping this in mind, they walk you through the process, explaining every step of the way and ensuring that your resume is yours. 

The customer service provided by Estorytellers is what drew us in.

Estorytellers accepts last-minute modifications and makes the hundredth edit with the highest care and consideration. As a result, their clients are made to feel important and heard. 

Their resumes are well-designed and ATS-compliant. They also provide career advice, job profiling, and editing of pre-existing CVs in addition to resume writing. 

They place a high value on achieving client happiness. As a result, they are the finest on the market at producing the best outcomes at the lowest possible cost.


7. Best follow-up guarantee: GetSetResumes

Since 2011, GetSetResumes has created high-quality content and professional documents for clients worldwide. It’s a user-friendly technique to get people to jot down your résumé. Then, upload your resume or write-up, and they will come back to you with the first version after assessing your material. 

They also offer many revisions to the curated CV till their customers are pleased. 

We liked Get Set Resumes because they provide consultation with skilled resume writers, unlimited changes, and six months of customer support. 

So, even after receiving your resume, you may contact them for revisions and assistance over the following six months. 

They have an experienced and skilled in-house consulting staff.

The business may also help with employment portfolios. They offer a 7–8-day delivery procedure and will supply you with a link to access your resume when the specified period has passed. 

The substance and style were excellent, but they could have improved the layout to a more attractive version. Get Set Resumes takes these factors into account and builds your write-ups logically, making an infographic CV the most convenient approach to communicating stats and figures about your talents. 

The typical turnaround time for your first drafts is 5-6 business days from the date of order completion. They also provide express shipping, which cuts the period to three days. Your consultant contacts you through phone or Skype within 24-48 hours (approximately two days) to gather information and requests. In addition to these services, like resume master, they also provide a free resume review.


8. Most Creative: Taletel

Taletel, one of the significant content writing businesses, has a youthful yet brilliant writing crew. They provide numerous services and excel in all areas. Taletel came into existence to make fascinating stories that communicate via the details. Their ability to weave together important events from your career experience into an exciting and entertaining narrative is what sets them unique. It is a firm that offers one-on-one services and connects you with a writer when you apply for their services.  

Your experiences and career history are combined with the authors’ writing talents to build a well-structured and polished CV. They function in accordance with ATS and do not allow the software to get in the way of your job.

The quality of this company’s material was what drew us in the most. The work says a lot and makes an impression. 

After you contact Taletel, the first draft is sent to you within a week and is available for as many revisions and changes as you like.


9. Most reliable: BookYourCv

Book Your Cv is a resume writing service situated in Kolkata. They take pleasure in offering the most excellent career guidance and world-class resumes, as well as forwarding your CV to employment consultants. They have been in the market for more than eight years and have helped a large number of people get the job of their dreams. 

It works with you and employs the most recent trends and styles to emphasize your talents and abilities in accordance with your goals. 

We loved their reasonable price, which was following the high quality of the material. 

They offer cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, mock interviews, job searches, and resume marketing, in addition to simple resume writing. With a 2-year support guarantee, BookYourCv provides edits even if you change employment and desire to update your CV. They ensure that your CV is ATS compatible and that you employ specific terms to pass the ATS test. 

After you apply for their service, a staff member will call you within 24 hours to discuss your needs. They promise to deliver your CV within five business days. 

Amongst all the services offered, they also provide free resume analysis. So you can drop in your resumes for a free evaluation by their experts, and they will get back to you.


10. On time delivery: Kalam Kagaz

Kalamkagaz has a team of professionals that stay up to speed on the newest industry developments. Client happiness is their priority, and they strive hard to accomplish it. Give them an overview of your CV, and they’ll create a visual masterpiece for you. They collate all your skills and experience together and make the best resume that could be. 

A resume is your professional introduction, reflecting your skills and accomplishments. It symbolizes who you are as a person, and even minor mistakes might lead to rejection. We liked Kalam Kagaz because it respects deadlines and the seriousness of its clients, producing the CV on time. 

Their customer service team is there at all times to assist you, no matter what hour of the day. 

Whether it’s last-minute modifications or deadline extensions, they’re there for their clients every step of the way.

These resume writing services are distinctive and offer the most excellent services and customer support. They assist you in conveying your enthusiasm for the work in the CVs they make, and when all of these minds join together, the outcomes are spectacular!


Which one did you choose?


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