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GRE/GMAT scores validate the intellectual skills and preparedness of candidates for graduate schools. Falling within the criteria laid out by individual colleges, this is your chance to request a Waiver of scores backed with genuine reasons. Keep it focused on your circumstances and highlight the quantifiable acquired skills that convince the panel of your fitment. Acknowledge and own the reason with genuineness while expressing a keen interest in the program. Keep it formal, avoiding the brags and drags. Show gratitude, creating a vision for tomorrow. Visit our gallery to catch up on what we can!

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We tailor-make your letter unique to each program you apply for and stick within the permissible parameters of guidelines. We keep the content logical and highlight skills that demonstrate your analytical, quantitative, and verbal skills. Adhering to timelines, our team will deliver it with required revisions, proofreads, and revisits.

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  • We convert your worries into your greatest strengths.
  • Our chosen writers have laid out tenets for academic content and come with an insider's view of the University's expectations.
  • Waiver requests written are heartfelt, tested, and honed in reality.
  • Our team helps you to establish firmly and deservingly your claim to their campus.

Request drafted with genuine intent for due consideration against the norms to waive off GRE/GMAT scores.

Your preparedness to go that extra mile for embracing the new learnings despite unprecedented times or unavoidable situations.

The essence is in channeling your strengths and true potential through the lenses of the panel.

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