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Resume Writing

Allow yourself a quick view by potential employers and enable them a scan of your capabilities and fitment to their requirements. It displays your body of work, education, skills that are categorized, certifications, awards, and additional community work. Hold the attention with simplicity, positivity, clarity, and consistency. Keep the presentation in order, either chronological or functional, with correct fonts, margins, subheadings, and bullet points.

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With our Resume Writing Services in India, we customize to match the desired job description using appropriate templates. We create an impression by highlighting your accomplishments in desired proportions. We keep it impeccable in an error-free zone with keyword optimizations. Visit our gallery to catch up on what we can!

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  • Our most amazing and disciplined team come with exceptional command over Resume/CV.
  • Our writers include industries and university experts acclimatized with the latest HR, recruitment, and cutting-edge technological trends.
  • We have access to a wide range of predesigned and customized templates that will build your resume as per your field of expertise.
  • We aim to market and bring the spotlight on “YOU” as the unique talent they need for their team or premises.

Resume Writing

The disciplined document that owns you like no one else and imbued with your personality.

Showcase your relevant skills, competencies, and experiences concisely and briefly.

Wrapped in a page or two, it navigates its way to position you in contention for striking your next career goal.


Resume Writing Services at Content Euphoria are one of the fastest and finest in the market. Depending upon the urgency, profile and difficulty of the task, we offer 24hr services, 3-5 working days services and 7 working days services, respectively.

It is always worth and highly recommended to pay for professional resume writing services if you are seriously looking to crack an interview. It is not an easy task to create a resume that looks amazing and has all the details in the right format, reflecting the profile strongly. Therefore, getting paid resume writing services is the best choice.

From 2500 INR to 7500 INR, there are various price categories and ranges for professional resume writing. The final cost is decided based on years of experience, the complexity of the profile and the deadline for the task.

The resume writing process at Content Euphoria is hassle-free and fastest. All you have to do is to fill out the questionnaire based on your requirement and detailed discussion. After that, you will be assigned one expert writer for the task. Once the first draft is ready, you can suggest corrections and improvements for the best final version.

A good resume must have a catchy and precise introduction or objective summary, a correct template, a suitable format, the right tone, perfect use of action verbs and error-free content.

Before starting with your resume, several samples will be shared with you to choose between the best version that makes the most sense for your purpose. Keeping your choice in mind, a customised resume is prepared. Moreover, based on your feedback, a final visual resume is created.

Limited template choices, less possibility for great customisation, difficult space management, unnecessary subscription cost for limited use, and most importantly, formats like ATS are not easily available with online resume builders. Whereas, resume writing services offer professional assistance, great customisation, exact format, customer support, and many more.

With several modifications, the same resume can be used for multiple roles in the same industry. Whereas, in case of sector/stream or industry change, it is highly recommended to create your resume from scratch every time.

The properly filled questionnaire provided by us is the only document required to submit. Moreover, a previous resume/cv or any sample that you want to share from your side can also be submitted as optional or reference documents.

Good resumes are always truly customised and plagiarism free. One can use relevant formats, statements, fonts and styles from several references and samples, but all the information can be implemented to enhance the personalised version only. Also, every individual is different and has a unique journey and purpose; therefore, it is obvious and necessary that the content should be plagiarism-free and fully customised.

Modifications are always provided before the final draft submission to make sure there is nothing left to be done. In case of new modifications after getting the final resume, we provide an editable version of the resume, which can be edited any number of times as per need.

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