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Letter of Recommendation

Does your belief in your excellence match the perception of reality? It's crucial to minimize that gap and ask for a written endorsement that quantifies your strength. Establish contact with the right person of authority from your world of academics or work who knows you well to illustrate your relevant qualities. This recommendation taken with prior permission establishes credibility to your intent. Well-timed, sincere words of praise on your character, accomplishments, and abilities make it easier for the admission panel or hiring manager to decide on your candidature.

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We ensure the Letter of Recommendation carries the right tone, format, and focus aligned with your resume and career goals. Once you procure the highlights from the recommender, we present an inside view of your personality in the most effective way that goes beyond your resume. Our experts at Content Writing Services whip it up quickly, adhering to the timeframe so you can focus on the other to-do lists. Visit our gallery to catch up on what we can!

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  • We prepare the most result-oriented and precise LOR write-ups to seal your dream.
  • Your admission is our mission, whether into a University or Organization.
  • Our writers come with a lineage of solid mentorship from the world of Academia, and it is our claim to fame.
  • With our client-centric approach, we bring out a true reflection of you through the eyes of the recommender in the most concise and precise way.
letter of Recommendation

Career mission transforms from embryonic musings to a full-blown and bound endorsement.

The mindful version of senior professionals or academicians by bringing your past/recent experiences, conversations, and impressions to the fore.

When credibility vouches for your capability, you simply better your chances.


Yes, it is always recommended to ask for a letter of recommendation from professionals. A letter of recommendation (LOR) plays a crucial role in creating an everlasting impact on the selection committee. Moreover, it is always challenging to get detailed feedback from professors or authorities (due to a shortage of time). Therefore, getting it done from professionals not only helps in strengthening your application but also covers those personality traits which are generally not included in SOP.

To make LORs stand out, it is crucial to understand the university requirements, the nature of the course selected, and the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate. Therefore, experts at Content Euphoria take extra precautions to analyze all major aspects before drafting academic as well as professional LORs. Moreover, being the best LOR writing service in India, Content Euphoria has delivered thousands of LORs and has received excellent responses. So, don’t worry; you are in safe hands.

With each of our LOR projects of 300 to 400 words, one free revision is always provided. Even though we ensure you get it all sorted on the first go, minor corrections are always considered if needed. To be confident about our LORs, we provide case studies to each of our clients to have a better understanding of the quality of our services.

A powerful letter of recommendation is written when it is based on overcoming hurdles and showing team skills, leadership, problem-solving, and analytical competencies. Most importantly, sharing some unique instances from the classroom or workplace makes it authentic and impactful. Our proficient writers know how to hit the right cord by assessing all the data provided by our clients.

Prices of LORs at Content Euphoria range between 1000-2000 INR depending on the deadline and standard word limit. Our prices are lower than the rest in the industry, yet we manage to pull out the best outcomes as we have some of the most skilful writers associated with us. They have years of experience and know the criticalities of writing an attractive LOR.

Limited to one page, LOR can be prepared quickly as per requirements. From 24 hours in urgent cases and 3-4 working days for multiple orders, LORs can be easily drafted. You can set the deadline for yourself and let us know. We plan the projects according to the ease of our clients and meticulously draft each LOR to tick all your checkboxes.

Yes, we draft customised LORs based on all the inputs given by the candidates. All you need to do is give us your complete data on your personal details and qualification. Our writers know exactly what you and your college or company need. They write the LOR keeping it real and believable. No over-the-top lines are scripted; they keep it crisp and to the point to make it more agreeable.

350-400 words are the ideal word count for LOR. However, in some instances, it may also go up to 500 words. It depends on the purpose and where your LOR goes. Every institute or company has different requirements, and we are flexible with writing LOR of various kinds and lengths. Whether an academic LOR or a professional one, our specialists can handle every type of LOR with finesse and expertise.

Our writers are passionate about creating a difference in our clients’ profiles with the LORs they write. And to check for originality, the LORs written by Content Euphoria are three-layer protected and checked multiple times for plagiarism and grammatical errors. In addition, we never assign more than one LOR to the same writer, which makes us the best LOR writing services in India.

We believe in delivering the best LORs, and in achieving this goal, we work hard. If, in any case, you are unsatisfied, then there is a provision for editing. We ensure you get a complimentary revision service with every LOR of 300 to 400 words.

Yes, your personal information will remain absolutely confidential with us. Our privacy policies are protected by law and we abide by them strictly. We believe in being transparent with our customers and letting each of them know about our privacy policies. We only use your personal contact information for communication, business transfer, and promotional purposes. For further details, visit

We at Content Euphoria have highly qualified writers of LORs. They have gathered immense knowledge about LORs from different domains and know what speaks miles and what doesn't. All our writers have been in the field for several years and keep themselves updated with the changes in requirements of different professions and academic institutes. Be it for an Indian institution or from abroad, our writers keep the right tone and format to reach the client’s criteria.

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