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How to Start With the Best Essay Writing? Tips For Students to Write a Great Essay

essay writingHow to Start With the Best Essay Writing? Tips For Students to Write a Great Essay

An essay is used to assess the depth of your critical thinking and your ability to express your ideas in academic language. Writing an essay is a necessary academic task for a student, regardless of their course of study. Yet, lots of students find essay writing a dreadful job. For them, it’s a tedious task that often takes extensive research, effort, and time. In addition, some students even struggle with knowing how to start an essay writing

Here are some essay writing tips for students to make you understand the best way to write an essay.

Tips for Students to Write a Great Essay

There is indeed no universal template that can solve every college essay problem. Therefore, having some tips up under your sleeve will help you figure out how to write an effective essay.

  • Analyze the Question

Essay writing is about addressing a topic or answering a question in a readable and organized way. Your very first step should be to analyze the question and ensure you understand what is being asked of you. How to start an essay writing will ultimately depend on how well you have understood the question. 

Once you grasp the question, you can quickly determine the best way to write an essay. By looking at how the essay question is framed, you can concentrate your effort in a particular direction. Understanding and addressing the question in your essay is one of the best essay writing tips for students.

  • Prepare an Outline for Your Essay

Understanding the question is the initial step, but preparing your essay before jumping right into it is equally important. The best way to write an essay is to construct a framework to organize your approach. You will be able to identify connections and relationships more clearly when you put your ideas on paper. 

You must plan and prepare an outline of your ideas if you want to know how to write an effective essay. If you want your essay piece to be distinctive, you should begin planning it as soon as you receive the question. This framework sets the tone for your essay. It is advised to either draw an outline or a diagram to arrange your ideas more effectively. Your essay’s framework and structure will help ensure that it stays on topic and doesn’t stray away from the question. 

  • Your Essay Requires a Thesis Statement

After creating an outline for your essay, it is time to introduce your thesis statement. Your thesis statement explains to the reader the purpose of your essay. Never ignore the thesis statement because it is a crucial component of the introduction and the essay overall. Therefore, the thesis statement should highlight the essay’s key point.

Although the thesis statement is the mandatory part of your introduction, it is advised not to make your thesis statement the first sentence of your essay. The more efficient way would be to put it near the ending of your introduction so that it can act as a transition to the body of your essay. Therefore, creating a solid thesis statement is one of the best essay writing tips for students. 

  • Include the Fundamental Components of the Essay

If you want to know how to start an essay, you should be aware of the three fundamental components of any essay: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. These components make the essay easy to read and understand. However, writing the introduction can be challenging because you are trying to set the tone for your entire essay in limited words. Therefore, start with something to grab the attention of your audience, which makes your introduction more effective. 

You can present astounding facts, a narrative, or a brief summary of your subject. Whichever approach you pick, make sure it chains well with your thesis statement. Next, the body describes the main idea of your topic and is generally divided into sections for better understanding. Every section, paragraph, and sentence in your essay should add some value to the point you are making. Lastly, the conclusion brings closure to the topic, summarizes the main idea, and provides a final viewpoint. 

  • Keep It Simple and Factual 

Keeping your essay in a more superficial tone is the best way to learn how to write an effective essay. Complex sentences may be unpleasant for the students and those reading and grading your essay. The writing style of famous authors like Fitzgerald and Hemingway was pretty straightforward, but that didn’t make their writing less effective. Moreover, grammatical errors are more likely to occur when complex sentences are complex.

Also, in order to persuade your audience, you must use relevant facts and evidence to support your viewpoint. Evidence offers specific details to back up your statement. It often includes particular illustrations, facts, quotes, statistics, and instances. Make sure not to use too many cliches and information with nothing to back it up. 

  • Formatting and Uniqueness 

The first element the reader will notice before reading your essay is the formatting structure of your essay. Whether the font style used is suitable or is the format is correct or not. Therefore, the best way to write an essay is to structure your essay with a proper format and font style.

Another crucial thing to note while drafting an essay is its uniqueness. It is rather an obvious point but one of the most underrated as well. You can attach the source link if you want to add external information. This will ensure that you will not be accused of plagiarism which is not at all appreciable.

  • Revision and Proofreading 

One of the best essay writing tips for students is to be thorough with your essay. The job is not complete even after writing the conclusion. The best way to write an essay is to proofread the essay several times after finishing it. You will be amazed to see the number of tiny mistakes you will encounter. 

While revision, always is mindful of your clarity, choice of words, and more complex writing approaches like avoiding the passive voice. Verify the logical order of your paragraphs. The first and last paragraphs of the body should contain your strongest arguments. After completing all the major revisions, it’s time for the finishing touches. Check your essay for spelling errors, word limits, formatting problems, and grammatical mistakes.


Essay writing is the art of communicating your idea in a refined manner. For some people, writing essays comes naturally. If you’re having trouble producing a pleasant essay, these essay writing tips will serve you well. Of course, you can always choose professional writing services to draft an exceptional essay for you. 

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1. What are the 3 steps to writing an essay?

  • Analyze the essay question and requirements properly.
  • Prepare an outline after proper research.
  • A strong opening statement is a key.

2. How can I make my essay interesting?

 The best way to make an essay interesting is by:

  • Being concise and precise.
  • Include engaging and factual details.
  • Hook the readers from the beginning.
  • Write in an active voice. 
  • Avoid being too wordy or adding unnecessary information.
  • Avoid clichés and repetitive sentences.
  • Write short paragraphs.
  • Use examples, visuals, and statistics.
  • Use figurative language.

3. How to choose the best topic for essay writing?

Follow these tips to come up with the best topic for essay writing: 

  • Pick a topic that’s appropriate to the length of your paper. Narrow topics lead to close observation, while broad topics lead to overgeneralization. 
  • Avoid a topic that will tempt you to summarise rather than discuss or analyse.
  • Choose a topic that interests you rather than selecting a topic just for a persuasive essay.
  • If your assignment demands research, choose a topic on which you can find material to develop with sufficient details.
  • If your topic is not working out, don’t hesitate to change it. 

4. What is an essay format?

A basic essay format has 3 parts: Introduction, body, and conclusion. 

5. What are the key points that should be included in a student essay?

To write a good student essay, include the following points:

  • Introduction
  • Your point of view, is supported by ideas, arguments, and evidence.
  • Summary and analysis of other writers’ research and opinion on the same topic.
  • A reference list.
  •  Conclusion

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