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How to Write a Blog and Make Money Online in 2022?

BLOG CONTENT WRITINGHow to Write a Blog and Make Money Online in 2022?

Everyone is seeking internet income opportunities these days. As you all know, there are many ways to achieve this, including surveys, video production, and freelancing jobs. What about starting a blog? You must be wondering how to start a blog and earn money. Starting a blog to make money seems like a pipe dream. You can write from anywhere in the world about the topics of your choice in addition to working independently and forgoing the 9 to 5. Even though making money with blogs online requires a lot of effort, anyone, even beginners, can achieve it with the right plan.

Tips for Making Money with Blogs Online

This guide will make you understand how to start a blog and earn money while avoiding pitfalls and wasting time on activities that won’t encourage your intent. And will provide you with all the tips that will answer your question about how people make money from blogs in 2022.

  • Decide Your Blog Niche

You probably are aware of the term niche. Deciding your niche is one of the very first steps to making money with blogs online. What topic will the blog cover? What are your objectives for your blog? Of course, all this will rest upon the section or domain you choose to pursue. Finding a niche can be difficult or feel limiting, but it will help you establish more credibility in the long run.  

You must ask yourself three things before selecting a blog niche: Where does my interest lie? Who is my target audience? What subject areas are profitable? You can undoubtedly discuss other topics, but make sure your primary focus is to pique the interest of your niche readers and persuade them to keep reading. Deciding your domain is the most vital step in starting a blog to make money.

  • Research your Niche and Competition

Now that you have decided on your niche, you can start creating content. Remember that first impressions last, in the case of readers as well. As you get started, keep in mind that your articles’ strategy is just as crucial as their actual content. The strategy of your first blog will decide the loyalty of your new readers. Your articles will naturally require a lot of writing, but they will also require extensive planning and research. 

You must be wondering how people make money from blogs so easily. The answer lies in their research work and strategizing techniques. It is also important to research your competitors. Do some preliminary study to identify the other major players in your industry. Is your niche already rather saturated? In any case, conducting your research in advance can help you comprehend how to produce content that is superior to or distinctive from what is already available.

  • Establish Branding and Blog Name

This is the part where you will get to know how do people make money from blogs. Establishing your brand and name is the most substantial aspect of your blog marketing. Branding and blog name are responsible for enhancing user experience, luring visitors, and perhaps even bringing back lost readers in the future. Additionally, it can immediately convey the theme of your blog.

It’s a significant decision, and you probably won’t come to it all at once. Spend a few minutes each day writing down important concepts, words, or expressions you might want to use. It is important to look professional and classy in this domain. Therefore, you must choose the font style and the brand name colour which compliments your niche.

  • Pick a Good Blogging Platform

When you have a few good ideas for your blog’s goal, name, and brand model, it’s time to make another critical decision: your blogging platform. You have a lot of choices here. The first and most challenging choice is to create your independent website instead of using any platform at all.

If you are starting a blog to make money, you can use blogging software initially. Using blogging software, you may create an appealing blog from scratch for far less money—possibly even without paying anything at all. Any functionality you can think of can be implemented with WordPress plugins, which don’t require any special web design or development abilities. 

  • Set up Your Host

From attracting new readers to retaining loyal ones, everything is impacted by web hosting. A terrible web host can result in your website getting hacked, your data being lost or stolen, prolonged loading times with hordes of lost readers, poor customer service that leaves you hanging, and more.

On the other hand, a reputable web hosting business provides safe servers, helpful customer assistance, and the resources you need to manage your website effectively. It also maintains your blog with a little downtime. However, some platforms will give you free blog hosting in exchange for adding their brand name to your website’s URL—for example, blogname.squarespace.com or blogname.wordpress.com. But, of course, to look more professional, you would need to pay for those domain names.

seo content for blog

  • SEO and Content Planning 

Starting a blog to make money demands a great deal of content planning and strategizing. You will need to add daily posts and be consistent to see results. Although basic research into your blog’s niche has already been done, more in-depth research is required as you start designing your material.

Your successful blog will depend heavily on content strategy; therefore, you must fully grasp how to strike the sweet spots search engines are looking for and optimize SEO. You must be aware of the niche you want to target and the type of content you’ll be producing before you can conduct SEO research. To create a list of potential key phrases, you can use the earlier made theme ideas and blog topics as a reference and then proceed with your blog writing.

  • Writing Your First Blog

You should have a list of pillar sites and topic clusters you wish to start with before writing your first post. You only need to have a general idea of what posts you’ll be producing; you don’t need a schedule or a full content calendar just now. It is important to start fresh and with an open mind so that your first blog can cast the perfect impression on the readers for the future.

To ensure quality content, the blog presentation also plays its part. Your formatting and tone should be consistent, and you might also want to think about making a writing style guide. This could be an outline or structure to help you write your content. 


Creating a blog can be a profitable, educational, and enjoyable way to interact with your readers. With the help of this guide, you must have found out how to start a blog and earn money. It takes a lot of work to keep up a blog, but if you’re willing to learn and develop through a constantly evolving medium, you’ll probably find success. 

You can definitely earn money with your blog. So continue learning about blogging strategies, marketing strategies, and the best ways to flourish in your field because dedication and research will eventually pay off. However, if you are looking for one of the best blog writing services in India, Content Euphoria has got you covered. Content Euphoria is also one of the best SOP writing services in India, offering many services, from resume writing to article writing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I begin writing a blog?

To start writing your blog, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Choose a topic/niche you’re passionate and knowledgeable about.

Step 2: Research your topic and competition.

Step 3: Choose a catchy blog name and get your hosting.

Step 4: Select a good blogging platform.

Step 5: Come up with a working title.

Step 6: Create an outline.

Step 7: Target a low-volume keyword to optimize your blog.

Step 8: Write compelling content to create a blog your readers will love.

2. Do beginner bloggers make money?

Yes! Once you start blogging daily and generate sufficient traffic to your blog, you can earn a handsome amount from blogging. However, consistency and quality content is key here!

3. How can I make my blog popular?

To make your blog popular and get real attention from your audience, you can follow these tips:

  • Publish amazing content.
  • Ensure your content is SEO friendly.
  • Leverage your social media to promote your blog.
  • Speak your audience’s language.
  • Be an expert and trustworthy blogger in your niche.
  • Optimize your blog for mobile.
  • Engage your readers and encourage comments.
  • Be a part of the conversation, both on your blog and with others in your industry.
  • Be passionate and consistent.

4. How Long Should blogs be?

The length of a blog varies depending on your topic and audience. However, the ideal blog length is between 1500 to 2400, with a  sweet spot at 2450. Longer pieces seem to do better, especially when it comes to ranking on SERPs.

 However, if you prefer medium or short form, the length should be between 600 to 1000 words. 

5. How much can you earn from writing a blog?

The amount varies depending on the popularity of the topic and the traffic it generates – and the potential is virtually unlimited. On average, a new blogger can earn up to $300 to $400 per month. Professional bloggers even earn over 7-figures per month.

6. How often should you publish a blog post?

This has been a hot topic of discussion among digital marketers for years. So there is no definite answer as to how many times you should post a blog.

If you’re a beginner, it’s advisable to post daily. Expert bloggers agree that posting three to four times per week is the best way to witness increased traction from your content.

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