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Best Motivation Letter Sample – How To Write LOM For College And Universities

CONTENT WRITING SERVICESBest Motivation Letter Sample - How To Write LOM For College And Universities

On average, thousands of talented applicants submit their admission requests daily, following one dream: to study at renowned foreign universities. Obviously, you are also in the same boat!

But have you ever wondered what can make your candidature stand out among them?  

A motivational letter!

This particular piece of document is undeniably considered the most individualized international university prerequisite. It can almost make or break your candidature. 

A well-crafted letter helps applicants voice their motivational factors, and presentation skills, competencies, and interesting details about them – before the admission committee. It shows them that you are more than a pile of transcripts and demonstrates to them the real person that you are!

A Brief Introduction To The Motivation Letter For University


Just like the college application essay writing service, a letter of motivation is equally competent in the depiction of your skillset. In a straightforward sense, a motivation letter is written to illustrate the reasons that make you the ideal fit for the degree program in the respective university you’re opting for.  Basically, it represents your professional competence and personal motivation to the admission committee. 

If you’re guessing that a motivation letter will comprise reasons backing your motivation to apply for the course, then you’re absolutely correct! Though many confuse it with a Statement of Purposes, once you go through a motivation letter sample, you’ll instantly identify how the layout and tonality are different from that of a cover letter or SOP. 

This piece is specifically written to bring out your personal self in the most explicit way. From your thought process to experiences leading to the enrollment for this course, a motivational letter covers it all. 

If you take your time to examine a motivation letter example, you will notice how beneficial it is for voicing your qualities before the admission committee. So why not make it gripping by putting forward glimpses of your major instances before the committee? 


It can be quite crafty for certain students to pen down the perfect motivation letter because of a lack of knowledge. Students get perplexed by the very thought of writing a motivation letter. The reason is – they mostly find it hard to sort the right information and implement the same in an innovative way. Obviously, it’s easier said than done!

Preparation Tips To Consider Prior to Developing A Letter Of Motivation


This section is going to be quite beneficial for novice applicants who have just started their abroad admission preparation, and are concerned about ‘motivation letter how to write’.

Below are some of the popular tips to keep in mind as you prepare the motivation letter. 

Ensure Exhaustive Research, Produce Clear-Cut And Succinct Information

After you’re done going through a motivation letter sample, start by understanding and noting the information that you will require to fill in your motivation letter. Throw light on the prerequisites, prospects, and expectations of your application in the letter and most importantly, the reason that you are writing this letter. 

Put Emphasis On Your Thoughts/Intent By Offering A Slice Of Your Personal Information

This is one of the few academic documents where you can portray yourself informally as well. Start by jotting down all the features that describe your passion and let that echo your personality and style. Use this letter of motivation to connect with the selection committee and get the chance to stand out. But, as you write, focus on prioritizing more on being authentic and not bragging. 

Never write down something out of exasperation. As you go through multiple motivation letter samples, you will never notice applicants portraying themselves as a ‘hero’ in their LOR. Rather they have perfectly maintained an alignment of achievements along with challenges. 

Refrain From Baffling

One thing you need to ensure as you pen down your letter of motivation for university is refraining from beating around the bush. As an applicant, you are required to sort out priorities as you begin writing the letter of motivation. This way your reader will obtain a glimpse of your overall write-up. 

Don’t go circling around unnecessary details that will not fetch your application any significance. So, instead of rambling, just write down all your terrific skill sets and accomplishments. 

Put Forward Your Objective Distinctly

As you proceed in understanding a motivation letter, start jotting down your purposes in a distinct manner. Don’t go overboard with the objectives as the resume/CV is already serving that purpose. Keep it cool with the information and don’t rush into it. 

No Room For Controversial Statements

The best motivation letter for university doesn’t support controversies. Refrain from using political or ideological jargon, instead pen down neutral tones. You never know who would be offended by your political information. (which might be humorous in the true sense though). 

Therefore, it’s best to avoid the sphere of politics completely. 

Learn The Art of Convincing

This is one of the best tips to consider while preparing for motivation letters. Be specific about what goes behind your mind as you prepare the motivation letter. Put down all the points that you consider are the perfect fit. 

Spend time thinking about what will put you ahead of the game and in what ways your motivation letter would add to the advancement of the program. As you write about your accomplishments, don’t sound arrogant or brag, simply state them down. 

Know The Address Basics

As you write a motivation letter, it is important to know to whom you should address the letter. Basics like name, designation, address, contact details, and so on, should be thoroughly checked before sending. 

In What Way Is A Motivation Letter Distinct From A Statement Of Purpose, Cover Letter, And Personal Statement?


As a newbie, you might be confused by all these terms – statement of purpose, cover letter, personal statement, and then the letter of motivation. 

It’s true that the two – motivation letter and cover letter are often used interchangeably. While the latter is generally a letter written to the employer, the former can be defined as an application letter produced before the university. The sole purpose of a cover letter is to feature your skillset. 

The statement of purpose is more or less similar to that of the motivation letter. It is an essay featuring your interests in terms of both academic and professional fields. 

Moving to the personal statement, though it might greatly resemble the motivation letter, there is a basic difference. While the motivation letter focuses on representing your passion for the program you’re yearning to apply to, the personal statement voices your thoughts about why you are the right fit for the position. 

Not everyone understands the intricate differences among these documents, and therefore, most students hire the best content writers in India to get their work done. 

Sample-Motivation -Letter

Sample Motivation Letter:


(Name of applicant,


Contact Details)

Date ______


(Name of Recipient, 


Name of Institution/Organization,


Contact Details)

Subject – _______

Respected Sir/Madam,

Hope this letter finds you in prosperous health and good spirit. 

I,  (Name of the candidate) would firstly like to acknowledge the opportunity to depict my eagerness to study at your university through this letter. This university is unquestionably renowned, and I hold an immense passion for pursuing my master’s from here. The university’s rich culture and infrastructure always had me fascinated, and securing a chance to build my future here would be an honor. 

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Literature, and throughout those three years, I’ve associated with numerous stalwarts of the literature world and participated in workshops, training, and more. I’ve obtained the first class in my bachelor’s degree and my in-depth knowledge about the subject will be quite worthwhile for your degree program. I’ve always desired to implement impressive advancements in the field of literature, and securing this master’s program would be a great push toward improvement. 

My internships with (names of the company) have also proved extremely beneficial in my learning curve. I’ve rigorously engaged in numerous projects that have built my knowledge as well as expertise in the working field as well. The hands-on experience in the industry has provided me with extensive outer knowledge as well. Furthermore, I’ve also pursued a 6-month online course on Women’s Literature from (mention the organization name), and that has opened the doors to plentiful resources. 

With this, I’d like to end my Letter of Motivation. I eagerly hope the university authority would grant me my coveted wish to pursue my master’s degree at this eminent institute. My resume and educational qualifications speak of my interest in this subject, and securing a seat in this university will amp up my career in every way possible. 

Warm Regards


It can be a struggle to come across a reliable, expert, adept, and punctual content-writing service provider who is vastly knowledgeable in different domains. But, with Content Euphoria, it is now possible. Team Euphoria takes pride in stating that their writers offer the best letter of motivation you’ve ever encountered. Expert writers at Content Euphoria have a diversified background in dealing with students of top-tier foreign universities and they know exactly what will make your LOM stand out. 

From layout to tone, vocabulary to information, and so on, their LOR services are flawless and will secure your admission to your dream university. All the best!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a short letter of motivation?

A short letter of motivation or motivation letter is a one-page letter describing the reasons that make you the perfect candidate for the university program by presenting examples of your interests and achievements.

A compelling motivation letter throws light on your passion and enthusiasm toward a particular program. Well-crafted LOM aids in setting you apart from other candidates and demonstrates why you are the best fit for the position.

Is the motivation letter the same as a cover letter?

A motivation letter and a cover letter are written with the same intent. Both serve a similar purpose of introducing yourself and highlighting your qualifications to the respective person, yet they are different.

A motivation letter is a personalized document that expresses your goals, passions, and aspirations to the university panel. It is primarily required when applying for scholarships or academic programs where the selection criteria may be more subjective. The focus is to give the reader a sneak peek into how uniquely qualified you are and demonstrate your commitment to the program and the university.

Whereas a cover letter is a one-page document often submitted with a resume when applying for a job or volunteer work. This document is the formal introduction to a potential employer, wherein you explain why you are the perfect fit for the position and the values you can add to the company. The focus of a cover letter is showcasing your skills, experiences, and achievements in a way that aligns with the job description.

To conclude, a letter of motivation and a cover letter share similar purposes but have distinct formats. So, when preparing a motivation letter, be sure to showcase your distinctive qualities, future goals, and ways the project will help meet your goals.

How do I write a motivation letter with no experience?

Writing a letter of motivation with no experience can seem daunting, but it is not impossible. 

To write a compelling motivation letter with practically no experience, begin by researching the program you are applying for, then create an outline. Read what the program calls for and introspect on yourself for skills and qualities the selection committee is looking for in the particular program. Then think about your experiences in school, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, or projects related to those skills.

 Make sure to start with a strong opening that captures the university panel’s attention and explains why you are interested in the program. Then detail how you have developed these skills and qualities that make you a good fit, even if you have yet to have professional experience.

 The crux of a motivation letter must revolve around showing enthusiasm for the program and then explaining how it aligns with your long-term goals.

How do I write a motivation letter for a short course?

If you are applying for a short course, a well-written motivation letter is a perfect tool that can help you secure your admission to the respective program. 

It should be written in a robust conversational tone that keeps the reader hooked to the document.

To write an engaging and catchy motivation letter for a short course, follow these guidelines:

Start with an outline: Before penning a motivation letter, start by researching the course and the program they offer in detail. Then think of your reasons for applying for the university and make an outline accordingly.

Write an introduction: Start the motivation letter by introducing yourself. Also, address the recipient by name to add a personal touch. The introduction must instantly catch the recipient’s attention and encourage them to keep reading.

Expand your outline: Explain the points outlined in the introduction. Highlight your previous work experience or professional skills and describe (in detail) the reasons that make you the ideal candidate for the program. 

Write a conclusion: Summarize your goals and leave a positive impression on the reader.

Proofread: Check and recheck your motivation letter to make it concise, clear, and professional. Also, keep an eye on spelling and grammatical errors.  

What should you not write in a motivational letter?

Your motivation letter is your chance to impress the university committee by presenting the reasons that make you an ideal candidate for the program. As enticing as it sounds, a small error in your motivation letter can lead to rejection right away. So ensure to keep away from these nuances to ensure your letter doesn’t backfire! 

Don’t be a Debbie Downer – Stay positive and avoid negative comments about your past experiences or the opportunity you are applying for. And while you want to showcase your strengths, avoid bragging or exaggerating your accomplishments – trust us, the committee can see right through it.

 Avoid slang: It is a professional document, so strictly avoid casual language or slang. And don’t make the mistake of copying someone else’s letter – the committee wants to hear your unique voice and perspective.

 Finally, keep your letter relevant and focused. Avoid including irrelevant personal information. Following these tips, you can create a winning motivation letter that showcases your strengths and sets you apart from the competition!


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