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How to Write Best Study Permit Visa SOP for Canada Refusal Cases

VISA SOP SERVICESHow to Write Best Study Permit Visa SOP for Canada Refusal Cases

How to Write Best Study Permit Visa SOP for Canada Refusal Cases? LOE Sample & Format!

Well, we are here to guide you through writing a winning SOP for Canada study visa after refusal that will get you your Canada study permit.

Canada is one of the most coveted study-abroad destinations. No wonder it is so competitive to get a Canada visa. In recent years, we have seen a rise in Canada’s study visa rejection rates to around 40-50%. Hence, crafting a compelling visa SOP is critical.

This article will provide a step-by-step approach to writing the best SOP after refusing a Canada study permit. After the refusal sample, we will even share an SOP for a Canada study visa to help you grasp the essence of a winning SOP. So, let’s dive in and discover SOP samples for Canada study visas after refusing to turn your dreams of studying in Canada into a reality.

What is a Study Visa SOP for Canada Refusal Cases?

SOP for Canada study visa after refusal is the SOP that is written after an applicant’s initial study visa SOP gets rejected. It covers all the details of a standard SOP and addresses the reasons for rejecting the initial application.

Reasons Behind Canada Student Visa SOP Rejections

Recent reports highlight that the rejection rate for Canadian student visas has reached as high as 60% in various Indian states, significantly surpassing the average Canadian visa refusal rate.

Often, the reason for your Canada study visa refusal is an underwhelming SOP that does not impress or convince the visa authorities. So, let’s delve into a detailed review of the common reasons that could lead to the rejection of your Canada visa SOP:

1.    Introduction and Personal Information

A compelling introduction sets the tone for your SOP for Canadian study visa. Some common mistakes in the introduction of Canadian student visa SOPs include:

  • A vague introduction that fails to engage the reader.
  • Omitting your name, chosen course, and applied university in the introduction.
  • Mentioning irrelevant details that can confuse the reader, like work permit details.
  • Failing to convey your intent as a genuine student seeking temporary admission in Canada.

2.    Academic Qualification

Providing comprehensive academic background details is pertinent, and inadequate information can lead to the rejection of your Canada visa SOP. Common academic-related mistakes include:

  • Not mentioning your educational institutions’ names.
  • Providing incorrect or vague information about your academic background.

3.    Rationale for Choosing the Specific Course

You need to clearly explain why you chose the particular program and your expectations for your plans. Common mistakes in this Canada visa SOP section include:

  • Failing to convey genuine interest in the chosen course.
  • Not explaining how the proposed study program connects to your prior academic or professional background.
  • Neglecting to mention subjects or modules you intend to study.
  • Not establishing how the program enhances your career prospects.

4.    Choice of Institution

You must also clearly explain why you chose the particular institution amongst several others offering the same course. Common pitfalls in this section include:

  • Not mentioning unique institution features.
  • Omitting details about rankings and performance, especially in your chosen course.
  • Not mentioning programs, faculty, or relevant details.

5.    Career Goals

The section about your career goals reflects your aspirations. The common mistakes in this section include:

  • Mentioning an intention to work in Canada post-study as it raises concerns about your return plans.
  • Not clearly stating both your short and long-term career goals.
  • Not mentioning the desired job position and organisations you aspire to work in after completing your course.

Points to Remember Before Writing the SOP for Canada Study Permit After Refusal

To write the best SOP after the refusal for Canada study permit, keep the following points in mind-

1. Identify and understand why your previous SOP was rejected.

2. Gather the required information that will help you address these reasons.

3. Write a new SOP addressing all the concerns.

4. Also, remember that Canadian visa authorities keep a record of your previous application in their system. Each application is given a tracking number linked to the applicant’s previous applications.

How to write the SOP for Canada Study Visa After Refusal Sample?

Are you looking for SOP samples for Canada study visa after refusal?

To write the best SOP after refusal, include the following sections:

1.    Introduction

Start your SOP for Canadian study visa with a friendly greeting to the reviewing officer. Briefly introduce yourself, share your place of origin, and mention the course you aim for. Key details to include in this section are:

  • The university or college name offering the course.
  • The campus location is in Canada, where the course is based.
  • A quick explanation of why this specific course captivates you or what you intend to aim for from this course.

Addressing the previous rejection

  • Within this section, you also have to address the previous rejection. Mention the previous visa refusal. Please outline the reasons mentioned in the official letter and how you plan to address them.
Pro Tip 💡: After mentioning the previous refusal, first address the section that led to the refusal of the previous SOP. For instance, if the reason for your Canada visa refusal is-· “The purpose of your visit to Canada is not consistent with a temporary stay given the details you have provided in your application.”- Address this section first by pointing out your reasons for returning to India, which could include both professional and personal reasons.· “Your proposed studies are not reasonable in light of one or more: your qualifications, previous studies, missing mark sheets, academic record, level of establishment/available financial resources, language abilities, or your prospects and plans.”- In this case, the entire SOP needs to be thoroughly addressed again, and you can follow the below-given outline.Hence, the section that needs to be addressed first depends upon the reason for the previous rejection.

2.    Academic Background and Language Proficiency

This part showcases your strong fit for the chosen program in Canada. Begin by tracing your academic journey, detailing your accomplishments step by step. Mention graduation dates and grades earned. Also, mention your extracurricular activities and hobbies if they are relevant to your desired course. If they don’t directly match, explain how they’ve sharpened skills like analysis, critical thinking, or teamwork. Highlight any additional training or certification courses you have taken. Also, point out your English language proficiency by sharing details of the exam you have taken that can attest to the same.

End this section by briefly pointing out what sparked your interest in higher education in Canada. You might touch on points such as:

  • A desire to specialise in a field not offered in India.
  • Aspirations for better career opportunities and broader academic exposure.

3.    Professional Experiences

Mention your professional experiences, if applicable. Please explain how your past work connects to your chosen program and how it has prepared you for success in your course in Canada. Highlight skills, knowledge, or insights gained that make you an ideal candidate for the program.

4.    Why this Program?

In this section, you must establish why you want to pursue this program. Elaborate on how this program aligns with your past academics or work journey. If the program diverges from your past experiences, provide convincing reasons behind your choice. Establish a connection between your aspirations and the course’s offerings. This segment should also cover the program’s duration, curriculum, and the knowledge and skills you anticipate to gain from it.

5.    Why this Institution?

Elaborate on why you have chosen this particular university/institution/college. Highlight its unique attributes, such as high rankings, distinguished faculty, innovative curriculum, modern facilities, and positive student feedback. Clearly explain why this university resonates with you.

6.    Why Canada?

Explain the reasons that made you select Canada as your study destination. Please point out the factors that make Canada appealing for international education, such as its world-renowned universities, diverse culture, balance between theoretical and practical learning, and emphasis on research and innovation. Point out why you chose Canada over other renowned destinations like the USA, UK, Australia etc.

7.    Career Prospects in the home country

This is a crucial section of Canada visa SOP, and here, you need to elaborate on how enrolling in this course will bolster your career prospects back in India. Explain whether the program could lead to improved job positions, higher earnings, or potential promotions. Outline your short-term and long-term goals, specifying your potential positions, the companies you’re targeting, and the expected salary range. Stay clear of discussing plans for a work permit in Canada to stay aligned with the study visa application.

8.    Reasons to Return Home

This section vividly outlines your reasons for returning to your home country. Explain your strong ties to your home country, such as family, community, cultures, rites, or professional connections. Describe how your Canadian education will contribute to your home country’s growth and development. This assures officials that you intend to return to your home country.

9.    Sponsorship Details

In this section, point out who sponsors your education in Canada and provide relevant information about their financial capacity to support your studies. It would help if you assured officials of your ability to cover your tuition fees, living expenses, and other associated costs. Showcase your financial stability by detailing the assets that will responsibly sustain you throughout your academic journey. Successfully conveying your strong financial foundation will significantly bolster your case, facilitating a favorable assessment of your eligibility for nationwide entry.

10.    Conclusion

Wrap up your SOP by encapsulating its essence. Show that you’re sincere as a temporary student while demonstrating respect for the country’s values and rules. Use this section to leave a positive and memorable impression.

Tips To Master the Art of Writing SOP for Canada Study Visa after Refusal

  • Do not ignore the importance of formatting. Ideally, comply with the following:
    • Font size: 11 or 12-point
    • Font: Standard scripts like Times New Roman or Arial.
    • Line spacing: 1.5-point.
    • Text alignment: Justified
  • Keep your SOP format straightforward and easy to follow, ensuring clarity in your presentation.
  • Stick to the recommended 1500-1800 word range to balance conveying your motives and maintaining the reader’s interest.
  • Prevent monotony by refraining from repetitious phrases or information that might dilute the uniqueness of your application.
  • Seek input from mentors, professors, consultants, friends, or family to gain valuable insights and refine your SOP.

SOP for Canada Study Visa After Refusal Sample

You will find several SOP samples for Canada study visa on the internet after refusal. Most of these samples often fall short in proper formatting and content quality. To ensure a compelling SOP, it’s advisable to leverage well-crafted samples from reputable SOP Writing Services for your SOP for Canadian study visa.

For your reference, here is a sample SOP for Canada after refusal, intended to serve as a source of inspiration for your unique document.


The Visa Officer,

Canadian High Commission,

 Sub: Request to grant a study permit for higher education

My name is xxxxxxxxx. I would like to introduce myself as an aspiring IT industry professional and am looking forward to gaining academic conditioning in Canada by studying for a Diploma in Computer Systems Technician-Networking from St. Clair College, Canada. Elatedly, I have been offered admission to the same, and the course is scheduled to commence on (date).

I would like to inform the visa officer that previously my application for a Canadian study permit was rejected on the following grounds:

  • The purpose of your visit to Canada is not consistent with a temporary stay given the details you have provided in your application. 

But this rejection hasn’t dampened my spirits since I’m motivated to get the best education possible for myself.

Reasons to return from Canada after the course

  1. Professional Reasons

The IT and BPM industries have emerged as one of the most crucial development engines for the Indian economy, considerably contributing to the country’s GDP and public welfare. The IT industry contributed 7.4% of India’s GDP in FY22 and is predicted to contribute 10% by 2025. Gartner predicts that IT spending in India will rise to US$ 101.8 billion in 2022, up from an anticipated US$ 81.89 billion in 2021. By 2025, the Indian software product market will be worth $100 billion. Indian firms are investing overseas to expand their footprint and improve their global delivery centres. Hence, there has never been a better time to enter this industry in India.

After finishing this degree, I will return to India, as I am confident that I will have various opportunities lined up in the IT sector. I would be able to work as a professional with networking abilities for companies such as (company’s names). I aim to be a network engineer, but I can also work in respected IT organizations as a network administrator, data security unit manager, or technical support specialist. Completing my selected program of study at St. Clair College would provide a solid basis for my professional future.

2.     Personal Incentives

Coming from a collectivistic society, I am highly family-oriented, and my parents are the center of my universe. I was born in __________ and spent my childhood in (state name). My family consists of my father, ________________, who is a businessman and runs a ____________ business; my mother, _________________, who is a terrific homemaker; and myself. When I expressed an interest in global education, they urged me to pursue this program to advance my career. Being their only child, it is my duty to return to my country of origin and give them a good life as they age and be a robust support system for them. They also want me to come back to India after completing the program. Additionally, I have no plans to relocate to Canada because the scope of my planned program is excellent in India, where I can still live with my family and pursue a thriving career. Also, I have a permanent address in India and the responsibility as the only child to manage my parents’ immovable assets.

Academic Background:

I passed my Matriculation under the affiliation of xxxxx Education Board, from ____(school name), _______(city), (state), India in (year). Moving further, I completed my intermediate education under the affiliation of xxxxxxx Board, from …..(school name), …..(city),…..(state) in (year) which helped me build my foundation in physics, chemistry, mathematics, and computer science.

Enthralled and enchanted by the field of computer science, especially its networking aspects, I have decided to further my academic journey by pursuing a Diploma in Computer Science Technician-Networking, and the fundamentals built from my previous education will enable me to grasp the concepts easily.

English Language Proficiency:

To meet the English language proficiency requirements, I took the IELTS (International Language Testing System) and scored 7 in the overall band, with a score in the individual components 7.5 in Listening, 7 in Reading, 6.5 in Writing, and 6.5 in Speaking. Therefore, I assure you that my command of the English language is adequate for me to study in Canada without difficulty.

Why Computer Science Technician-Networking?

I’ve chosen to continue my academic path by enrolling in St. Clair College in Canada’s Computer Systems Technician—Networking program. Having a keen interest in computer science and strong analytical and problem-solving abilities, I am confident this field suits me. As an aspiring technician, I must be able to install operating systems and should be familiar with networking protocols. Network technicians must also evaluate PCs, laptops, network gear, software, servers, etc., to discover any problems. They also build, maintain, troubleshoot, and inspect network cabling. Technicians should be able to diagnose difficulties quickly to guarantee that computers and network equipment are constantly operational. In addition, they should understand network administration and the network ecosystem. Technicians must stay current on new network technology so that they may provide suggestions to improve their business’s network infrastructure. Hence, acquiring quality education in this field is crucial to a successful career.

By pursuing a Diploma in Computer Science Technician-Networking from St. Clair College, I will get the chance to learn about the nuances of operating systems and examine the most recent developments in computer systems and networks, thanks to the program I chose at St. Clair College in Canada. The program’s curriculum is well-designed, and I will have the opportunity to study topics like networking, introduction to database concepts, introductory programming logic, javascript, technical communication, network administration, mathematics for information technology, network security, and many others during my time there. These classes will give me the fundamental technical knowledge of computer systems. They will also train me in advanced skill sets for maintaining networks and their security, enabling users to engage in productive, commercial, and social interactions. In addition, the dedicated faculty members with connections to the industry are the program’s distinguishing quality. Their assistance through the varied courses each term will benefit my future professional endeavors. Thus, the program fits my expectations perfectly.

Why St. Clair College?

I chose St. Clair College over other prestigious universities because of its international reputation for academic brilliance and prominent alums list. In addition, they provide a comprehensive and differentiated learning environment that prepares pupils for success outside of the classroom. Furthermore, it promotes personal growth and development via academic accomplishment and community involvement and prepares students for future studies and careers. I was delighted to see several positive college reviews complimenting its exceptional campus settings, adequate career support, cutting-edge learning facilities, and top-tier instructors. I’m excited to learn in-depth industrial knowledge from these highly qualified academics. Consequently, I’ll gain a solid foundation of the fundamental ideas behind networking and computer systems. As a consequence of all of this, I chose to enroll at this college, and I was thrilled to find that I had been admitted.

Why Canada?

My primary goal in coming to Canada is to enhance my skill set and receive an outstanding education to seek better employment opportunities in India’s IT sector. My trip to Canada aims to take advantage of the country’s excellent educational system, intriguing campus amenities, and demanding study atmosphere, which will assist me in obtaining globally recognized qualifications and experience. Canadian educational institutes are highly renowned for their high academic standards, intense coursework, current curriculum, emphasis on thorough research, and stellar quality.

Moreover, Canada is a popular study-abroad destination for Indian students due to its high quality of life. Even financially, Canadian colleges and universities provide quality education at affordable rates compared to Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, I have no intention of settling in Canada or overstaying my visa. I am well aware of Canada’s rules, as mentioned on www.canada.ca, and I will leave Canada immediately upon the expiry of my visa limit.

Financials and Funding:

I come from a financially well-established family. My father will sponsor my entire education. His yearly earnings are _______, and my family’s net worth is _______. Also, he has adequate investments and several years of family savings, which provide me with more than enough funds to support my studies and living expenses while in Canada. He also has access to considerable movable and immovable assets. Moreover, I have already deposited my first-year tuition fee of CAD xxxxx and CAD xxxxx in my GIC account. Hence, my finances will not be a problem, and I can take care of all my educational and incidental expenses. 


I am a bona fide student requesting a temporary stay in Canada till the completion of my studies and have no intention to overstay or disobey the student visa conditions of Canada, as I have a clear career path ahead of me in India. Thus, I request an empathetic reconsideration of my visa application. 

Thanking you in anticipation.

Warm Regards

Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx

Summing it Up

So, now you know how to write an SOP for Canada study visa after refusal. Hopefully, after the refusal sample, the SOP for Canada study visa clarified things for you and equipped you to write a compelling SOP.

However, writing the best study permit visa SOP for Canada refusal cases can be overwhelming. Hence, consider taking some professional help. Content Euphoria has one such team of perfectionists who provide the best SOP for Canadian study visas.

Remember, every word in your visa SOP counts and should be written with finesse. You can contact the Content Euphoria team to get the best Canada visa SOP.

As the top-rated and highly recommended consultancy for Canada visa SOP, they are dedicated to crafting every word to reflect your authentic intentions, distinctive strengths, and well-defined future goals, thus helping you realise your Canadian dream.

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